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Flash Update 3/22/19:  There were developments this week which caused me to revise my Position Statement, and it has been updated accordingly.  There is a short summary statement at the beginning, and then updates in the applicable areas of the document.  After reading it and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at robertgreenmvhoa@gmail.com.

Dear Mira Vista Neighbor,

A vote for Robert Green is a vote for:

  1. A Board member who has been on a Homeowner’s Association Board before, and who was President of an Association
  2. A person who has shown commitment to Mira Vista through years of prior service on the ACC
  3. I bring 30 years of real estate legal experience, prior HoA Board and Presidential experience, and years of Mira Vista HoA governing experience through my participation on the ACC. I understand the ins and outs of HoA operations, needed protections, insurance, and contracts; skills desperately needed here and now
  4. Someone who has spent many hours studying our governance and history and who has concluded that we need to change the way we run this Association
  5. One who will carefully study the options for enacting the change, review all the facts, be professionally courteous to everyone and make a well-reasoned decision on the best path forward for Mira Vista based on value, benefit and financial soundness

Note: To date, only one option has been explored and is now being promoted. It is not the only option, and indeed the most common form of HoA management has been completely ignored! We should not settle for the first idea suggested without exploring every alternative. Mira Vista’s future and our property values depend on us getting it right!

If that sounds like someone you want on the Mira Vista Homeowner’s Association Board, please vote for me. I welcome your feedback and ideas, please feel free to contact me at robertgreenmvhoa@gmail.com.

Introduction to my full Position Statement

In the letter I recently sent to you, I promised to further expound on what our current management structure is, how we got here, and why it’s problematic.  I think doing so is incredibly important, and my hope is that armed with this understanding we all can make informed decisions together.  How can we avoid making the same mistakes if we don’t know what they were and how they were made?  I’ve therefore taken some time to set out my understanding of our Mira Vista management and security arrangements, from the beginning. 

Because it’s a bit long and posting it on a webpage is a much more efficient means of transmission (I don’t have a Super Pac funding my campaign!), I have put it here.  Please click on “Position Statement”, grab a cup of coffee, a soda, or a glass of wine (depending on the time of day), and I hope you find the read informative.